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WORTH Garden Hose 20m 1/2"

WORTH Garden Hose 20m 1/2"
WORTH Garden Hose 20m 1/2"

Looking for the right hose to use for watering the plants in the garden? You can use WORTH Garden Hose 30m ½”. This 20-metre long durable garden hose is constructed of heavy-duty environmental PVC material, is suitable to be used in yard and garden to water the plants or wash the car and rinse patio furniture. This garden hose consists of 3 layers which are outer jacket, nylon reinforcement and inner core to protect it from crack. The hose itself is able to withstand cold and heat at the temperature from -10ºC to 40ºC. So get yours now before it’s sold out! 

1. Constructed of heavy-duty environmental PVC material
2. Great for yard and garden: water the lawn and plants, wash the car and deck, rinse patio furniture
3. 3 Layers: Outer jacket, Nylon Reinforcement, Inner Core
4. Temeprature: -10°C~40°C
5. Burst strength: 12Bar (150Psi)

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